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I hate most people, rudeness, school, and interviews. I like pizza, zelda, my dog, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, pineapples, books, and being a terrible painter. My main life goal isn't money, fame, or popularity; it's happiness.
This describes my day perfectly.

This describes my day perfectly.

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I have decided that my lifelong wish is to be able to pay somebody to follow me round all day offering to feed me strawberries, that is my life goal

being human | four characters (alex millar)

“just so you know, i don’t care if you’ve got enough viagra to fill the titanic. no one is doing any rising on my watch.”

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  • Me: closes wrong tab

there’s nothing worse than getting told you’re bad at the only thing you’re good at

wow tumblr, I come here and you straight up just know what’s wrong with me, aw ily bby<3

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